Mediastinum Annual Report (2020)

Published: 2021-01-19

Dear Colleagues,

Warmest greetings from the Editorial Office of Mediastinum! 2020 has been a tough year for every one gravely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite of all challenges, some significant progress in the journal development has been made in 2020. Some of the highlights include:
- Mediastinum has an internationalized editorial board of 89 members and has published 38 articles;
- It has 3 special series completed in 2020 and 6 ongoing series exploring trending topics;
- There has been remarkable growth in the number of pageviews and website users in each year from 2017-2020. In particular, the number of pageviews reached 47,618 in 2020, and the number of users rose to 18,822. Both numbers almost doubled in a year.

We are most grateful for the valuable support and contributions from our editorial board members, guest editors, authors, reviewers and readers and look forward to your continued engagement in promoting the knowledge and researches on medidastinal diseases.

Editorial Office

2020 Annual Report at PDF