Article Abstract

The video-assisted thoracic surgery is the procedure of choice for the surgery of mediastinal bronchogenic cysts

Authors: Dong Kwan Kim


Mediastinal bronchogenic cyst (MBC) is congenital, and a result of an abnormal budding of the primitive foregut. MBC is the most common mediastinal cyst, usually located along the tracheobronchial tree, most often found behind the carina (1). MBC can occur among all age group, from infants to adults. Bronchogenic cysts can occur intrapulmonary or extrapulmonary. If an abnormal budding occurs during early gestation, the bronchogenic cyst will usually be located in the mediastinum. MBCs rarely communicate with the tracheobronchial tree when compared to intrapulmonary bronchogenic cysts. MBCs are lined with respiratory ciliated columnar epithelium and filled with a whitish-gray mucinous material, which can change into pus with infection.